Joost van Amersfoort

Hi Everyone

I am Joost (pronounce ‘Yoast’) van Amersfoort (which is a Dutch city) and I am currently pursuing a PhD at the Unversity of Oxford under supervision of Professor Yarin Gal (in OATML) and Professor Yee Whye Teh (in OxCSML).

I am interested in variational inference (for example done through the reparametrisation trick, dropout and reversible models) and its applications such as uncertainty estimation, active learning and generative modelling.

Previously, I was a research engineer at Twitter Cortex, where I worked on large scale video models and recommendation systems. I did my masters at the University of Amsterdam, where I worked with Dr. Durk Kingma and Professor Max Welling. I've also done an internship at Facebook AI Research (FAIR).


Recent publications/preprints, for a full overview see my Google Scholar page.


Blog Posts

Open Source - projects and reproductions

For a full overview of all my open source work, see my Github account.